After booking an initial appointment with Horsepower, you will be given or emailed a welcome pack. This will include a welcome letter with all the details you will need prior to your first treatment. It will also include an initial history and intake form for completion at least one week prior to your first session.


Please ensure the horse has been caught or stabled and is dry/groomed. Avoid booking times of the day which may be distracting for the horse; for example, feed time or when his stable mate is not present.


Upon arrival, a comprehensive
in-hand assessment will take place to assess
the horse. If there is a particular issue relating to ridden work, I may ask you to show me. This should take approximately
30-40 minutes before starting the bodywork.
After the initial session you may not be required to be present during the treatment, however, someone capable of trotting up the horse at the beginning of the session will be required.


An initial bodywork session will be conducted to introduce your horse to the bodywork techniques used.  A discussion of targeted exercise and a demonstration of home massage and stretching will be conducted to aid the progression of the sessions between visits (if applicable). Brief or pictorial report to follow.

*Please ensure that the handler attending the initial session is capable of walking and trotting in hand, lunge (if the horse can), and ride in all paces.

**Please make it known if you do not have access to hard and soft ground, i.e a level concrete yard and an arena surface.

***Please note that horses presenting neurological dysfunction, lameness or severe gait abnormality will be referred back to the veterinarian. Sports therapy is not a substitute for veterinary care. Your veterinarian should be your first point of contact for any major concerns. Horspower acts in accordance of the Vet Surgeons Act 1966.

Static observations
Assessing the saddle
Assessing movement on the lunge
Assessing the saddle
Assessing confirmation
Monitoring weight
Backing up
Assessing on a small circle
Lateral view of a trot up